Tweezerman Professional Power Shaver With Rasp

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                                      Power Shaver With Rasp 

Callus Shaver with strong, sturdy handle for added comfort and power grip. Finely textured, nickel plated rasp snaps onto shaver to smooth skin. To attach rasp: place black slot over top of shaver and snap silver clip into open slot at base of blade holder. To release rasp: firmly press silver clip down. 

Dual purpose with sturdy power grip: high quality shaver to reduce stubborn calluses & finely textured rasp to smooth skin with ergonomic power grip handle. 

Warning: Use caution to avoid injury. Handle with extreme care. Files are sharp. DO NOT CUT LIVE SKIN. Do nut use if you suffer from diabetes, hemophilia, poor circulation, or if skin is irritated, infected or inflamed in any way (including open wounds of any kind). Do not use if either tool surface is bent, rusted or looks damaged at all as you may risk injury. Be careful not to "over-file" or file live skin. Seek medical attention immediately if severe skin irritation or bleeding occurs. Always consult a physician first before using product if you have any type of skin condition. To prevent cross contamination, do not use blades on more than one individual. Avoid handling blade's razor edge. Keep out of reach of children.

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