Discover Wahl professional grooming products including beard trimmers, cordless clippers, detailers and more!

With the invention of the first electric hair clipper, Wahl has been the leader in grooming products for over a century. Their wide range of shavers, trimmers and clippers have been trusted by barbers and everyday customers alike . Wahl offers grooming products for all your shaving needs including cordless options and ergonomic detailers. ...

Quality is at the forefront of Wahl’s designs. The precision shavers ensure you get the best shave possible. If you want to trim your beard or get a haircut, Wahl has the right tools for that. They provide top-quality products at affordable prices that help you achieve your desired look without breaking your budget.


How to clean Wahl clippers?

If your clipper has a snap-on/off blade, you can easily remove it for cleaning. To prevent rust, make sure the blade is dry after use. For thorough disinfection, use Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray to eliminate bacteria and viruses from the blade surface.

How to oil Wahl clippers?

Adding just a few drops of oil at the top and bottom of the blade can help keep your clippers running smoothly. Apply the oil to the corners of the blade's top and the foot of the blade. Then, run the clipper for a few seconds to work the oil in. This will help the blades stay lubricated and run smoothly.

Is Wahl a good brand?

Yes, Wahl is a well-known and trusted brand for hair clippers, beard trimmers, and other grooming products. They have been in business for over 100 years and are known for their quality and innovation.

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