Explore Optima Beauty’s Selection of Hair Masks and Treatments

Hair masks and treatments are the perfect solution for dry hair and damaged lengths. At Optima Beauty, our selection includes masks and treatments that lock in moisture and encourage hair repair!

Hair masks are excellent for rehydrating your locks and protecting color treated hair. Our masks and treatments from the top brands, like Agadir, Ever Ego, and Recamier, target hair concerns to deliver real results. Whether your targeted treatment is to reduce frizz, repair color treated hair, reduce hair loss and encourage new growth, strengthen, or soften, our selection has something for everyone!

For weak and damaged hair, our collection of Recamier Professional Salon products offers a variety of hair masks to bring your locks back to life. Their + Pro Keratin range includes leave in moisturizers and treatment to strengthen your hair from within and reduce hair fall from breakage.

For blonds, our selection includes a variety of treatments to reduce brass and cool down your blond to the perfect platinum you desire. The Truss Blond Mask and AG Banish Brass treatment contain violet hues, perfect for restoring your blond!

When it comes to hair growth, our selection offers targeted options to both women and men. With products from trusted brands like Rogaine and Kismera, you’ll experience scientifically proven results that have been approved by the FDA.

Lastly, our moisture treatments and split end sealing hair masks from Recamier work to restore moisture and reduce frizz for shiny lumenous hair.

Shop our diverse selection of hair masks and treatments here at Optima Beauty!

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