Here at Optima Beauty, we have diverse shades of permanent hair color in stock, with formulas designed with every hair type in mind.

Love going blonde? Or do you want to add depth and dimension with a new color? For total coverage, wash resistance, and vibrant color, try our collection of salon-quality permanent hair dyes at Optima Beauty.

Salerm Cosmetics Permanent Hair Color

Salerm Cosmetics is a leader in hair coloring with over 60 years in the industry. Try their Salermvision Color Cream, made with natural vegetable oils to protect and condition your tresses. Discover the brand’s entire hair care line with Optima Beauty.

Ever Ego Permanent Hair Color

Shop our collection of Ever Ego permanent hair dye at Optima Beauty. Ever Ego guarantees high protection, a perfect grey cover, and a vibrant shine with its ColorEgo Permanent Hair Coloring Cream, made with a new generation multi-vitamin complex that ensures flawless application. Find your ideal hair color today with Optima Beauty.