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Optima Beauty Supply is your go-to for all of your hair color developer needs. We stock a wide selection of creme developers that are perfect for all types of hair coloring, from natural-looking highlights to vibrant shades. Our developers are professional-grade and come in a variety of strengths to help you achieve the perfect look. Whether you're a professional stylist or a newbie, our developers are easy to use and provide beautiful, long-lasting results. Shop our selection of hair color developers today and get the results you want.

What is hair developer?

Hair developer, also known as an oxidizing agent, is a chemical used in hair coloring that helps to activate the hair dye. It is typically mixed with a powdered or liquid hair dye to create a paste-like substance that is then applied to the hair. The developer helps to open up the hair cuticles, allowing the color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit the pigment.

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