• Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit 2.3oz / 65.2g
Sigma Beauty

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit 2.3oz / 65.2g

                                      SIGMAX® PRECISION BRUSH KIT

This variety of 5 Sigmax® fiber concealer brushes has you covered to seamless perfection with any technique or formula in your kit.

Brushes Included:

  • P86 - PRECISION TAPERED™ BRUSH: Exact placement of concealer with tip
  • P84 - PRECISION ANGLED™ BRUSH: Conceal around the nose and hollows of the cheeks
  • P88 - PRECISION FLAT ANGLED™ BRUSH: Apply and blend using the edge for exactness
  • P80 - PRECISION FLAT™ BRUSH: Cover sun spots, blemishes and other small imperfections
  • P82 - PRECISION ROUND™ BRUSH: Apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid
  • $75.99