• Pravana ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color With Silk & Proteins 3oz/90ml
Pravana ChromaSilk

Pravana ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color With Silk & Proteins 3oz/90ml

PRAVANA ChromasSilk CREME HAIR COLOR WITH SILK & KERATIN PROTEIN ChromaSilk is a high-performance Creme hair coloring system that meets the needs of the discriminating professional. ChromaSilk covers completely gray while giving hair unbelievable shine, silkiness, and long lasting color. Pravana's exclusive silk and human hair keratin protein and natural UV filters ensure that hair is actually in better condition after the hair color service. Because of ChromaSilks low ammonia formula it acts as both a permanent and demi-permanent hair color. When used with Pravana 10,20,30,40 volume developers it creates a beautiful long lasting natural looking hair color. When used with Pravana Zero Lift developer ChromasSilk performs as perfect no-lift demi-color. Important Instructions Gray coverage: To fully cover hair that is 50% or more gray, always mix 50% of your color formula with an appropriate level ChromasSilk Creme Color from the natural tone series. ChromaSilk Vivids: These are semi-permanent colors and are applied directly to the hair and should NOT be mixed with any developer. To achieve the vibrant colors displayed in this chart, the hair must be pre-lighened. Super Light Blondes: Super Light Blondes are formulated to be mixed 1 part ChromaSilk color to 2 parts ChromaSilk Creme Developer. For extra lightening power, add ChromaSilk's exclusive 000 Lightening Booster to your ChromaSilk Super Light Blonde formula (at least 50% of color formula) to achieve up to 2-3 additional levels of lift. Reading ChromaSilk Shade Numbers: The first number indicates the level of color deposit. The second two numbers indicate the tonal value in accordance with the chart below. The first tonal number represents approximately 70% of the tonal base while the second tonal number represents 30% of the tonal base. Example : 7.43(7 level blonde with 70% copper 30% gold). Size:3oz / 90ml
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1/1N - Black
4/4N - Brown
5/5N - Light Brown
6/6N - Dark Blonde
7/7N - Blonde
8/8N - Light Blonde
9/9N - Very Light Blonde
10/10N - Extra Light Blonde
6.1/6A - Dark Ash Blonde
7.1/7A - Medium Ash Blonde
8.1/8A - Light Ash Blonde
9.1/9A - Very Light Ash Blonde
5.11/5AA - Light Intense Ash Brown
6.11/6AA - Dark Intense Ash Blonde
7.11/7AA - Intense Ash Blonde
8.11/8AA - Light Intense Ash Blonde
9.11/9AA - Very Light Intense Ash Blonde
7.51/7Ma - Mahogany Ash Blonde
9.12/9Abv - Very Light Ash Beige Blonde
9.13/9Ag - Very Light Ash Golden Blonde
10.13/10Ag - Extra Light Ash Golden Blonde
6.22/6BVBV - Dark Intense Beige Blonde
7.22/7BVBV - Intense Beige Blonde
8.22/8BVBV - Light Intense Beige Blonde
9.22/9BVBV - Very Light Intense Beige Blonde
5.31/5Ga - Light Golden Ash Brown
6.23/6BVg - Dark Beige Golden Blonde
6.35/6Gm - Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde
7.31/7Ga - Golden Ash Blonde
7.35/7Gm - Golden Mahogany Blonde
8.31/8Ga - Light Golden Ash Blonde
4.20/4BVBV - Bright Beige Brown
4.52/4Mbv - Mahogany Beige Brown
4.56/4Mr - Mahogany Red Brown
5.5/5M - Light Mahogany Brown
5.7/5V - Light Violet Brown
6.5/6M - Dark Mahogany Blonde
7.5/7M - Mahogany Blonde
7.52/7Mbv - Mahogany Beige Blonde
10.02/10bv - Extra Light Sheer Beige Blonde
10.07/10v - Extra Light Sheer Violet Blonde
4.3/4G - Golden Brown
5.3/5G - Light Golden Brown
6.3/6G - Dark Golden Blonde
7.3/7G - Golden Blonde
8.3/8G - Light Golden Blonde
9.3/9G - Very Light Golden Blonde
9.03/9G - Very Light Sheer Golden Blonde
10.03/10G - Ultra Sheer Golden Blonde
4.37/4Gv - Golden Violet Brown
5.37/5Gv - Light Golden Violet Brown
6.37/6Gv- Dark Golden Violet Blonde
8.37/8Gv - Golden Violet Light Blonde
4.45/4Cm - Copper Mahogany Brown
5.45/5Cm - Light Copper Mahogany Brown
6.45/6Cm - Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde
7.45/7Cm - Copper Mahogany Blonde
8.45/8Cm - Light Copper Mahogany Blonde
8.42/8Cbv - Light Copper Beige Blonde
4.4/4C - Copper Brown
6.34/6Gc - Dark Golden Copper Blonde
6.46/6Cr - Dark Copper Red Blonde
7.4/7C - Copper Blonde
8.34/8Gc - Light Golden Copper Blonde
7.43/7Cg - Copper Golden Blonde
8.43/8Cg - Light Copper Golden Blonde
9.04/9c - Very Light Sheer Copper Blonde
10.04/10c - Ultra Sheer Copper Blonde
7.40/7CC - Bright Copper Blonde
7.44/7Cc - Intense Copper Blonde
7.46/7Cr - Copper Red Blonde
5.6/5R - Light Red Brown
5.62/5Rbv - Light Red Beige Brown
5.66/5RR - Light Intense Red Brown
6.64/6Rc - Dark Red Copper Blonde
6.66/6Rr - Dark Intense Red Blonde
7.62/7Rbv - Red Beige Blonde
7.64/7Rc - Red Copper Blonde
7.66/7RR - Intense Red Blonde
900/90N - Ultra Light Blonde
902-90BV - Ultra Light Beige Blonde
903/90G - Ultra Light Golden Blonde
905 - Ultra Light Mahogany Blonde
904/90C - Ultra Light Copper Blonde
9.04/9CC - Very Light Intense Copper Blonde
Correctors+Additives - Ash Green
Correctors+Additives - Red
Correctors+Additives - Ash
Correctors+Additives - Ash Blue
000 - Lightening Booster
6NtL - Dark Neutral Lowlight
8NtL - Light Neutral Lowlight
6.3L/6GL - Dark Golden Lowlight
8.3L/8GL - Light Golden Lowlight
6.4L/6CL - Dark Copper Lowlight
8.4L/8CL - Light Copper Lowlight