• Nicka K Airbrush FX Blending Sponge Purple
Nicka K

Nicka K Airbrush FX Blending Sponge Purple

                                   Airbrush FX Blending Sponge 

Blend your way to a flawlessly fresh face. This contoured sponge effortlessly reaches all nooks of the face while smoothly applying and stippling product for a streak-free, radiant finish.

Using your Airbrush FX

  • Dampen sponge with water until its swells in size. Firmly squeeze excess water until sponge is only slightly damp.
  • Dip sponge into product and gently pat product onto skin, stippling for a smooth finish.
  • Use pointed tip as necessary to apply in hard to reach areas of the face and when in need of additional coverage.
  • To clean your Airbrush FX, wash clean with gently soap and warm water. Rinse and let air dry.
  • $4.99