• María Salomé Keratin2 Conditioner
María Salomé

María Salomé Keratin2 Conditioner Hair Repair With Natural Extracts Straightened Or Damaged Hair 13.5oz / 400ml

                                           María Salomé Keratin2 Conditioner 

Is made with 2 keratins that penetrate the hair base through the cuticle, nourishing and repairing hair simultaneously inside and outside. Detangles hair, delivers keratin to the fiber, improves brightness and silkiness. Helps to reduce the damage caused by chemical treatments, blower and/or hair iron heat.

How To Use: Apply it over your hair after shampooing. Rinse throughly.

Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes, in case of accidental contact wash with abundant cold water. Suspend use if irritation, redness or any other unfavorable reaction appears. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 

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