Live n Clip Evita Hair & Beauty

Live n Clip 18" Evita Hair & Beauty 100% Human Hair Six Piece Clip-In Extensions

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                                               18" Evita Hair & Beauty

How To Apply:

  1. Separate the hair & clip the top portion of the parted hair.
  2. Tease & spray the area where you will apply the extensions.
  3. Clip-on the extensions starting from the center.
  4. Blend with the comb or brush for the finishing touch.

Washing Instruction:

  • We recommend warm or cold water.
  • Use shampoo and comb gently. (We recommend Detangling Conditioning Shampoo)
  • Condition the hair and rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently pat wet hair with towel.
  • Comb with a wide tooth comb.
  • Set and dry naturally.
  • Comb into desired style after hair is completely dry.