• Kiss New York Professional Cuticle Scissors SCI03
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Kiss New York Professional Cuticle Scissors SCI03

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                                              Professional Cuticle Scissors

Perfect cuticle trimming scissors with ultra-fine, tapered tips for keeping your hands, fingers and nails healthy and attractive. Stainless steel.

  • Ultra-fine, tapered tips
  • High durability 

Direction: Soak fingertips in warm water to soften cuticles. Push back cuticle and trim dead skin around the nail. Do not use to cut finger or toe nails, as it will dull the blade.

Care: Wipe clean after each use. Keep lightly oiled and in a dry place to prevent rusting.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Never cut live skin. This tool is made for cuticle cutting only and should never be used for nails.

Composition: Stainless steel