Kiss New York Pedicure Kit Professional 15 Pieces RPK01

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                                            Pedicure Kit Professional 15 Pieces 

Kit Includes: Toenail Brush, Foot Stone, Toenail Clipper, Cuticle Nipper, 4-Way Buffer, Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner, Double-Sided Nail File,Callus File, Toe Separators & 6 Manicure Sticks in a Convenient Travel Pouch.

Follow These Steps To Pedicure Perfection: 

  1. Soak feet in warm water, soapy water for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Gently scrub feet and toenails using Toenail Brush.
  3. Use Foot Stone to exfoliate callused areas; use Callus File to soften.
  4. Wipe toenails clean with acetone-based polish remover*. 
  5. Trim toenails with Toenail Clipper; clip them straight across to avoid ingrown nails.
  6. Using Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner, gently push back cuticles with curved side; clean underneath nails with pointy side.
  7. Use buffer (side 3) to gently smooth ridges and imperfections from toenail surface.
  8. Gently remove hangnails or excess cuticles with Cuticle Nipper.
  9. Place Toe Separators between toes of each foot; apply selected nail color*.
  10. Use Manicure Stick to clean polish from skin/cuticle area. Apply top coat*; let dry. *Not included in this kit.

Hints For Using File/Buffer: 

  • Double-Sided Nail File - Both sides, softly coarse, shape nails to a smooth edge. 
  • 4-Way Buffer - Shape 1: Coarse surface shapes nails; Smooth 2: Finely coarse for smoothing nail edges; Buff 3: Buff out imperfections and eliminate ridges to nail surface; Polish 4: Buff nail surface to a shiny finish.

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