Hair Couture Premium Quality 100% Human Remy Hair 7pcs Clip On 22"

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                                                    7 piece Clip-In Extension

Lengths is our signature and most luxurious line of exclusive 7pc clip-ins. 100% finest and softest pure Human Remy Hair in the market. Each piece is versatile and can blend naturally to any type of hair texture. Our Lengths is featured with a natural conditioned finish that sustains the hair moisture and smooth texture from top to ends. Giving that extra step provides longer usage and longevity of the hair. 

Hair Care and Maintenance:

  • Gently remove tangles by spraying a good detangler or leave-in using an extension friendly brush starting from the ends, working up to the weft area.
  • Add one pump of sulfate free shampoo into the sink filled with warm water, then mix.
  • Soak up and down only the hair part in the water, holding onto the weft/clip area with your hands.
  • Drain the soapy water and then rinse the hair under running water until the water runs clear.
  • Gently pat the hair with a towel. Do not twist or rub.
  • Never brush the hair while it is wet. Always hang the hair to dry. Do not use a blow dryer! Spray a good detangler to brush out the hair and then spray Leave in Conditioner to keep it smooth. When it is COMPLETELY DRY, you may then curl, flat iron, style, add a little shiner to the hair.
  • Tip: The more build up you have in the extensions (leave-in, sweat, dirt, spray, oils, shiners) and you restyle over it again and again without washing, then it will cause tangling & matting!
  • Tip: For BEST results, wash the extensions when you feel it is starting to tangle OR you lose the softness and flow. Would you restyle your own hair over and over again without washing it? Maintenance is very important for long lasting quality and results.

Hair Styling: 

Do not Curl or Straighten the hair when wet! Hair has more elasticity when it is wet and may shed or break when you manipulate the hair while it is wet! Use heating tools at medium heat. The recommended temperature for curling or straightening is 300F (Remember that hair extensions do not have the natural hair oil like your own real hair that grows from your head which works like a protectant. If you use very high heat on the extensions like you would on your own hair, it may cause dryness and shed. Try to reduce the heat.) This is why you should use a very good leave-in conditioner to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Tip: For best straightening results, take small sections of hair and run the flat iron down swiftly until the desired look is reached.

Tip: For best curling results, take small sections of hair and twist the hair around the curling iron. Remove the curling iron while carefully supporting the falling curl in your hand. Support the curl in your hands until the hair is cool.

How to Apply: 

  • (6"track): Make a U-Shaped section in the nape area
  • (10"track): Make a U-Shaped section from the tops of one ear to the other
  • (8"track): Make another U-Shaped section above the last track
  • (4"track): Make a horizontal section from the middle of the side of your head to the back for each side.
  • (3"track): Make another horizontal section above the previous track

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