Denco Brush Cleaning Mat

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                                                    Brush Cleaning Mat 

This flexible, silicone mat features five textures that work with your brushes. Featuring a series of suction cups on the back, the generously sized mat attaches securely to the sink for ease of use. Great for home or travel.

For Professional Results - Press the suction cups against the inside of the sink so the mat is held securely in place, ideally so the mat is on the side wall under the faucet. Wet brush bristles under warm, running water. taking care not to soak the ferrule or handle. Apply brush cleaner directly onto the bristles or the mat and sweep the bristles across the mat until all product is removed. Rinse the bristles under running water until all cleaner is removed. Reshape the bristles and hang them, bristles down, to dry.

To Protect & Maintain - Rinse the cleaning mat under warm, running water until all cleaner and product is removed. For stubborn stains, gently scrub the mat with a nail brush in warm, soapy water. Rinse and allow to air dry.

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