Bring The Salon Home Kiss Precision Nail Glue 02069 - BGL310 0.10oz

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                                                           Precision Nail Glue

Bonds in seconds. Use with Artificial Nails & Natural Nail Repair. Repairs Fine Tears without mess. Point-Tip Nozzle for Precise Application.

Tip Application: Clean nails with acetone-based polish remover. Apply a drop of glue to free edge of nail. Place Tip onto nail and press firmly. Point nozzle at the seam and apply another drop of glue here to secure adhesion.

Nail Repair: Aim Point-Tip Nozzle on nail break or tear. Hold repair in place with manicure stick for 5 seconds; buff to a smooth finish. 

Nail Remover: Do not force or pull nails off. Trim & file surface to disrupt protective top coat. Soak nails in Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover or acetone polish remover until soft. Wipe off softened nails & glue.

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