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Tricovit Forte, the ultimate antidote to weak brittle hair. At Optima Beauty, we’re proud to carry a selection of Tricovit Forte hair treatments and creams that deliver stunning hair health results.

Tricovit Forte delivers professional quality results by using antiradical ingredients that regulate your scalp's microbial flora. These ingredients work their magic by adhering to your scalp to regulate and normalize sebum production to promote healthy hair cuticles and shafts.

Using natural ingredients, Tricovit Forte’s hair regrowth strategy works to reduce hair loss and speed up hair growth by stimulating the anagen phase of hair growth and inhibiting androgens. Androgens represent a group of hormones that have been linked to hair loss, such as excess testosterone levels in women. For hormone-related hair loss in both men and women, Tricovit Forte offers a targeted approach that is natural and works directly to inhibit hair loss right at the source! They also use anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to deliver uninterrupted hair growth for thicker and longer locks!

Discover longer fuller hair with Tricovit Forte hair treatments at Optima Beauty!



How long does it take for Tricovit Forte's hair treatment to work?

For the best long-lasting results, Tricovit Forte's professional hair follicle treatment should be used every other day for at least three months. Due to the nature of hair growth cycles, you will not see immediate results. With consistent use, you’ll see results after three months of use!

Are Tricovit Forte hair treatments safe?

Yes! Tricovit Forte uses natural non-medical ingredients that have been proven to balance hormones that cause hair loss and stimulate hair growth cycles. Their products have been developed and tested by dermatologists in Italy to ensure safe and effective clinically proven results!

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