Kismera Hair Products: For Growth Regeneration and Prevention of Hair Loss

Kismera hair products aim to restore hair health and growth cycles. At Optima Beauty, we’re proud to carry a collection of Kismera’s Regenerative Curative Ampoule line.

The treatments in this line are designed to combat abnormal hair loss, whilst restoring weak, brittle, damaged hair. Formulated using natural vegetable essences, Kismera Regenerative products work to stimulate the circulation in your scalp thereby nourishing and activating your hair bulbs to promote new hair growth!

Kismera hair products are suitable for anyone looking to combat abnormal hair loss. Whether your hair loss is related to aging, health conditions, or hormonal changes, the Kismera formula reduces hair loss, while encouraging new growth. Their nourishing formula relieves dry itchy scalp symptoms while nourishing and strengthening to reveal radiant strong hair growth!

Reset your hair's growth cycle and repair damaged fragile hair with Kismera hair products here at Optima Beauty!



Can I use Kismera Regenerative hair regrowth products daily?

Yes! Kismera products use natural vegetable essences, meaning they’re suitable for daily use. However, you may want to work up to daily use. The regenerative serums contain eucalyptus which can cause a tingling sensation on your scalp. While many people enjoy his sensation, some may need time to adjust to this feeling.

What makes Kismera different from other hair regrowth products?

What makes Kismera hair regrowth products different is that they do not use minoxidil. Minoxidil is the active medical ingredient seen in products such as Rogaine. Whilst this ingredient is very effective, Kismera works by using non-medical active ingredients. The vegetable essences in Kismera aim at stimulating the scalp, thereby increasing circulation in the scalp. For those looking for a natural non-medical solution to abnormal hair loss, Kismera is an excellent option for healthy happy locks!

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