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The Hottest Hair Color Trends To Look Out For in 2024

New year - new me! That’s what they say anyway. But, what about new year - new hair? The start of a new year is the perfect time to change up your look and start out the new year fresh. Whether it be a big chop or a vibrant hair color, finding a style that looks cool, fresh, and current, is half the battle. In a world filled with TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram Reels, we’re bombarded by constant hair inspo, making it challenging to make a choice in the sea of endless options.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the hottest hair color trends for 2024. Expect to see these hair colors on repeat, and if you’ve been looking to change up your look, here is the inspiration you need to make the switch!

Auburn Brown

Auburn brown was one of the hottest women's hair color trends for 2023, and appears this trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s expected to gain even more momentum in 2024. Why? Because it’s the best of both worlds. This isn’t the mousy cool cool-toned brown hair color that most of us are born with. It's warm and inviting, adding dimension to an otherwise brunette look. 

This trend is already everywhere on the internet with viral moments across all platforms. Whether you decide to call it cherry cola hair color or another trendy name, it is what it is - auburn brown! If you’re looking to DIY this hair color, we recommend using the L’Oreal Technique Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color in the shade Extreme Light Auburn Brown. This L’Oreal hair color delivers rich color results, right at home!

Warm Blonde

Remember when icy blonde and platinum locks were all the rage? Well, they aren’t anymore. And, they haven’t been for a while. This trend was also big in 2023. As we deviate from the overly artificial looks that reigned supreme circa the 2010-2017 era, natural becomes more flattering than ever. It’s warm, easy to maintain, and flattering on a wide range of skin tones!

This trend is especially refreshing for the dirty blonde and light brown hair color ladies! The warm blonde color gives your hair a warm sun-kissed boost without the headache of having to dye and tone your hair constantly. We recommend using the Alfaparf Milano Evolution Cube 3D Tech Permanent Coloring Cream in the shade 10NB Lightest Warm Natural Blonde or 9NB Very Light Warm Natural Blonde. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and PPD-free, it lifts up to 3 levels for the most richly colored warm blonde. 

Honey Brown

This women's hair color trend echoes the warm blonde hair trend. With the transition to more naturally colored hair, it should come as no surprise that brunette hair is back! The key to achieving the perfect honey brown is to maintain the undertones of a deep brunette while injecting a golden bronze overtone shade that appears almost sunlit.

Did you just come back from a sunny vacation getaway? Well, even if you didn’t, this hair color will add that same look and feel with its warm honey hues. Again, for this hair color trend, we recommend using the Alfaparf Milano Evolution Cube 3D Tech Permanent Coloring Cream. This time, however, we’re going darker with the shade 8.3 Light Golden Blonde. Despite this color’s name, it's not blonde, but it does have the honey-golden hues we’re looking for with this hair trend.

Violet Brown

Did you think that auburn was the only hybrid hair color making a comeback in 2024? Think again! Hybrid hair colors are one of the top women's hair color trends for 2024. So, if you’re looking for a hair color idea and you’re seeking something a bit less classic, violet brown hair might be for you! 

Violet brown hair color can be described as a mix of brunette, burgundy, and purple tones that can be customized based on both your skin tone and preferences. And, the great thing about this hair color trend is that you can try it out commitment-free! Semi-permanent hair colors like the Adore Hair Color are great for testing out new colors and experimenting with vibrant hues. We recommend trying the Adore Hair Color in shade 78 Rich Amber or 79 Burgundy Envy.

Baby Balayage or Sombré

Baby balayage or sombré is not the ombré hair color trend of the 2016 era! The revival of this trend echoes the movement towards natural that the other hair color trends we’ve mentioned thus far follow. Sombré should be thought of as a subtle ombré. There are no harsh lines or stark differences in hair color here! This next generation of ombré is usually hand-painted onto the edges of your hair to create a natural-looking dimension. 

If there is any hair color trend that we’ve mentioned thus far that should be left to the professionals, this is the one! If you’re a rookie when it comes to dying your hair at home, or you don’t have someone to help you, then you might not want to try this hair trend at home. However, if you’re feeling particularly brave or you have a talented friend to help you, then you can’t go wrong with Alfaparf Milano Evolution Cube 3D Tech Permanent Coloring Cream


Overall, the hair color trends for 2024 invite a refreshing departure from the artificial and cool-toned looks of the past. Auburn brown remains a favorite, evolving into a warm and dimensional shade. Warm blonde embraces natural warmth, while honey brown brings back a sunlit glow to brunette hues. Violet brown offers a hybrid of vibrant tones, with commitment-free options like Adore Hair Color. The subtle elegance of baby balayage or sombré brings a natural dimension to hair, emphasizing the trend towards more authentic colors. Whether opting for semi-permanent or permanent solutions like L’Oreal Technique Excellence Creme and Alfaparf Milano Evolution Cube 3D Tech, 2024 is all about embracing the return to vibrant, natural, and effortlessly chic hair colors. Discover our selection of the best hair colors online today at Optima Beauty.