Schwarzkopf Revitalizer Silueta Plus Vitamins Capillary Lotion 12 Ampoules x 15ml

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                                          Silueta Plus Vitamins Capillary Lotion

Revitalizer Silueta Plus Lotion comes with a new formula with Cafeina, Panthenol, Biotina and Soya Glycine. Take care of the hair, now having as ingrant to caffeine, panthenol, biotin, and soy gylcine helps the hair to be clean, shiny and promote its growth.

Broken Self Ampules: Hold the ampoule with one hand and with the other press to the side, easily breaking the ampoule through the ring.

How To Use: After washing and rinsing your hair with Silueta Shampoo Plus Revitalizer, complete the procedure by applying the Revitalizer Silueta Plus lotion in quantity, enough covering the entire scalp. To achieve maximum absorption massage gently with the finger tips for one minute. Do not rinse, comb your hair in style. For a better result apply the lotion 2 times a week or intensively apply interdiary.

Precautions and Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If you notice an unfavorable reaction, discontinue use. Avoid contact with the eyes. 

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