Schwarzkopf Revitalizador Silueta Clásico Loción Capilar 12 Ampoules x 15ml

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                                                    Silueta Clásico Loción Capilar

REVITALIZER Placenta Silhouette Hair Lotion (For hair growth, strong, shine, damaged) The Placenta acts by penetrating to the hair root, nourishing and fortifying the hair bulb cells, stimulating hair growth, preventing it from growing weak, brittle and easily break off.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply Placenta Revitalizing Hair Lotion on damp or dry hair, in sufficient quantity, covering the entire scalp. To achieve maximum absorption gently massage with the fingertips for a minute, do not rinse, comb the hair to your style. For a preventive treatment apply Revitalizer Placenta Silhouette in lotion twice a week, and for an intensive treatment apply Revitalizer Placenta Silhouette in an interdiarial manner.

SELF-MOVABLE BLISTER: Hold the blister with one hand, and with the other hand press to the side, easily breaking through the ring.

CONTAINS: 12 Ampoules x 15 ml

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