• Maria Salome Serum Capilar Anticaida 0.34oz
María Salomé

Maria Salome Serum Capilar Anticaida 0.34oz

                                         Serum Capilar Anticaida

Maria Salome Capillary Hair Falling Prevention Serum is enriched with a natural active complex GP4G- BIOEX TRICHOGEN, it reduces excessive hair loss, stimulating the scalp´s blood microcirculation. Its extracts give the Anti-Hair-Falling Serum amino acids and vitamins that nourish, fortify, moisturize and revitalize the hair. This synergy combination gives to the capillary bulb cells all the energetic elements necessary for the cellular metabolism which it generates capillary growth. It reduces dandruff due to the reduction of the scalp; it also increases capillary density, leaving the hair healthy and strong. It is recommended for all hair types and it can be used along with the Loción Capilar María Salomé (Maria Salome Capillary Lotion) to maximize the anti-hair-falling effect.