• Hair Loss Prevention Capillary Serum
María Salomé

María Salomé Hair Loss Prevention Capillary Serum 7 Blisters 0.34oz / 10ml

                                       Hair Loss Prevention Capillary Serum

Is made with a complex of natural actives such as, GP4G, Capillary BIOEX and TRICHOGEN which are scientifically tested to help reducing the excessive hair loss. Its formula based on natural extracts is enriched with amino acids and vitamins that nourish, strengthen, hydrate and revitalize the hair. This treatment also controls dandruff and increases capillary density resulting in a resistant and healthy hair, besides if reduces the scalp's dryness because of its conditioning agents. 

How To Use: BRUSH OVER A COMPLETELY CLEAN SCALP AND BLISTER EVERY DAY, massaging in circles with the fingertips during 5 minutes and then leave it on. 

Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes and mocous membranes. If you present adverse reaction to the product please suspend its use. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH.