• Kikkerland Cat & Mouse Blending Set
  • Kikkerland Cat & Mouse Blending Set

Kikkerland Cat & Mouse Blending Set

                                                 Cat & Mouse Blending Set 

Refresh your makeup everyday with this 3 piece blender set! Includes 1 foundation brush and 2 sponges.

Foundation Brush: Use in sweeping or circular motions to blend powders, creams, or liquid foundations. Unique, curved design to easily fit in your hand. Brushes made of 100% nylon.

Sponges: Apply small amount of foundation, powder, or creams onto the sponge. Bounce across the face until desired coverage is achieved. Each sponge allows for detailed application and blending hard to reach places. Made of 100% PU and latex-free.

Wash with gentle soap and water. Squeeze out excess water, towel dry and store in cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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