• Emerald Shannon Powder Free Vinyl Gloves 100 Gloves

Emerald Shannon Powder Free Vinyl Gloves 100 Gloves

                                       Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Our premium Shannon glove also comes in powder-free vinyl, developed specifically for industrial and institutional use. The non-latex formula makes this glove ideal for those who may be allergic to latex. Manufactured to meet exacting user specifications, these soft vinyl gloves are comfortable and have beaded, tear-resistant cuffs for added performance. 100 gloves per box.

  • Disposable
  • All Purpose
  • High Quality
  • Single Use Only 
  • Ambidextrous

Proper Use Of Gloves

  • Start by washing hands thoroughly before on gloves.
  • Replace gloves whenever you leave the work station to do another task. This will eliminate the spread of contamination.
  • It is important to remove gloves after coughing, sneezing, or touching hair or face. After removing gloves, wash and replace with new gloves before returning to task.
  • Not intended for use as a chemical barrier

Caution: Components used in making these gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users. Immediately discontinue use if reactions are suspected. Discontinue if reddening or irritation occurs. User should consider the circumstance of use in deciding whether to remove residual powder on gloves after donning. Component materials comply with 21 CFR 177.2600 for food contact.